landscape palm tree in the world. It is suitable for moist sub-tropical and tropical climates. It is also known by the botanic name Wodyetia bifurcata.

Foxtail Palms are native to the Northern Australia. It can be grown as a potted palm so long as it's cared for properly, but it likely will quickly outgrow its pot since it's rate of growth of medium to fast.

Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia Bifurcata) Image

Its moderately drought tolerant, handles a variety of soil conditions very well, is typically is free of pests, and handles neglect fairly well - ultimately it's an easy palm to grow... if you have the right climate.

Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia Bifurcata) Image

We successfully grow this palm in central South Carolina with no problems, except we have to take it indoors in the winter to protect it. The palm can handle most frosts and light freezes (to around 29F) without any major issues, but any zone above 9b is likely going to be a bit cold for this beautiful palm tree.

Hardiness Zones

USDA Zone 9b: to 25 °F

Plant Height

Height 20-30 ft.

Light Exposure

Light - Full Sun

Light - 10% to 40% Shade

Growth Rate

Rate - Fast

Rate - Moderate

Published/Updated on: 06-06-2019